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Internationalization Strategy

We help your school establish an effective internationalization strategy to attract and support international students. Our experienced consultants will guide you through the process, ensuring that your strategy aligns with your school’s vision.

Market Analysis
Recruitment Strategies
Cultural Exchange Programs

Offshore Partnerships

We assist your school in identifying and developing high-quality offshore partnerships. Our global networking events provide opportunities to promote your school to global audience. Through these partnerships, we aim to foster long-term relationships. We will work alongside with you to build a pathway to success.

Partner Identification
Global Marketing Events
Inbound / outbound Study Tours

Code of Pastoral Care Compliance Support

Many schools are facing the challenge of unsustainable operating model, where schools incurring too much fixed cost outweighs the fees collected from international students. Our “Pay As You Use” service package is designed to reduce the compliance costs with Code of Pastoral Care. Key benefits include:

No Fixed Charge
User-Pay Based on “Bums on Seat”
Administrative Hassle Free

Student Visa Services

Our licensed immigration advisers can provide a one-stop shop for all student visa query and application, support yo streamlining the onboarding process of international students into your school.

Licensed Immigration Advice
Student Visa Query
Student Visa Application / Renews / Appeals

Professional Workshops

Our experienced consultants provide workshops for international deans and governors. Through the workshops, schools can keep up with the emerging trends in the global education market and understand the best practice.

Update on Global Education Market
Code of Pastoral Care
Manage Brand and PR Crisis
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